More details about the Orbis Components


For those of you who followed our recent v2 launch you must be aware that developers can start using Orbis simply by using our pre-built components instead of having to build the front-end from scratch with our SDK.

One of the component we highlighted during our launch was the Discussion Feed component which is being used right under this post for comments.

One thing we haven't mentioned too much until now is that our components package also includes smaller components and an OrbisProvider that can help developers build social features even faster. Those "smaller" components are being used in this forum for example for many different things (Connect modal, User details, Comments etc). If you are curious I would recommend to check our open-source repo for the forum to see how we are using those components.

We will add more documentation around those components in the coming weeks but meanwhile make sure to let us know if you want to start using this in your web app and we will happily share more details!

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