Some thoughts on Orbis' decentralized future

Tempe Techie

Hey everyone, just wanted to share some thoughts on how the Orbis ecosystem could operate in a sustainable and decentralized manner in the future.

The initial step is to enable anyone to run an Orbis node. Although this feature isn't available yet, Baptiste already confirmed it's coming.

A frontend (which uses Orbis) could have connections with multiple Orbis nodes - meaning it would have a list of multiple node URLs. This would ensure that if one goes offline, the others would serve as fallback options. Additionally, this approach could help with load balancing. Switching from a dead node to a live one should happen automatically with the help of the Orbis SDK.

In case frontends generate revenue and have a treasury, they could allocate a portion of these funds to those who run nodes. This would not only help create a more sustainable node hosting environment, but also enhance the uptime of frontends.

P.S.: Orbis nodes could also make revenue from optional backend services (in a form of plugins). I wrote a bit more about it here:

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