We added the createProject and createContext functions in the SDK


Hello everyone!

We recently added the createProject, createContext functions to the SDK as well as the updateProject and updateContext functions.

Those functions are being used in the dashboard to create projects and contexts.

  • Contexts are being used to create your own contextualized social experience and can also have their own context (to create sub-contexts).
  • Projects are being used to group contexts and add some global admin rules to all the contexts created within a project

Those functions can be used exactly like other functions from the SDK, here is an example to create a context:

let res = await orbis.createContext({  
   project_id: "kjzl6cwe...6qs13d0",  
   name: "my-application",  
   displayName: "My application",  
   websiteUrl: "https://app.com"  

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this update!


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