Feature discussion: Mods via NFTs

Tempe Techie

Currently, project or context moderators are chosen by the project creator via the Orbis dashboard.

But ideally we'd want to have a community-owned chat, where community members could decide who the moderators are.

How could this be achieved? One idea is through moderator NFTs.

It would work similar to token-gated chats, where you can designate an NFT address in Orbis Dashboard, and whoever holds that NFT can comment in that context.

Similarly, the project owner could designate an NFT address for mods. Whoever has that NFT, would have moderator privileges in a given context.

All other specifics on how a user would get a mod NFT, expiration time etc. would be set outside Orbis, in an NFT smart contract. So each project would be able to have their own custom rules when it comes to choosing mods (just like with existing token-gating).

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