getNotifications() doesn't return anything

Tempe Techie

I'm trying to get notifications through the getNotifications() call, but it's not returning anything (both data and error are "undefined").

I'm following instructions in the docs:

Are they up-to-date?


If you want to get notifications for your context, use this query:

let res = await orbis.getNotifications({type: "social", context: "enter-your-context-id"});  

Additional methods that will come useful:

let res = await orbis.getNotificationsCount({type: "social", context: "enter-your-context-id"});  
let res = await orbis.setNotificationsReadTime({type: "social", context: "enter-your-context-id", timestamp: 123456789});  

Timestamp is the current timestamp, when user read the notifications.

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